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The culture of the cocktail

The culture of the cocktail

I love that shake-ah, shake-ah noise: ice rattling ferociously in a stainless cocktail shaker.  The crunch-crunch sound of ice, fruit,... Continue

Opening night – the 2014 Farmers’ Market report

Photo: Meagan Clouse

Seeing the shiny white tips of the market tents poking through the Plaza trees was certainly a sight for sore eyes.  Each long winter,... Continue

In season: Strawberries around town

In season: Strawberries around town

If only because of strawberries, spring is one of my favorite times of year.  I wouldn’t dream of picking them up anywhere but... Continue

Mexico, te amo

My love affair with the vibrant culture and cuisine of Mexico began many years ago.  As a kid, growing up in South Florida, where... Continue

Foodie Find: Nibbi’s Carolina Pimento Cheese

Pimento cheese spread.  Do you know it?  The cheesy, mayonnaise-y stuff was never a favorite of mine, particularly after having to... Continue

Postcard from Sayulita, Mexico

I sit here at the Aloha Bar, lazily watching the parade of tanned and tattooed surfers as they pad sandy-footed off the beach, wax-coated... Continue

Grilled cheese, please

April is National Grilled Cheese Month. Wow, like we really need a reason to eat cheese and bread, right? Then again, comfort food... Continue

Spring, officially sprung

A bird was truly going bizerk outside of my window the other day, the sun already shining bright and golden at that early hour.  I... Continue

Five ways to make life more yummy

Why not make everything better?  Don’t we all just hope to make our lives just a little more delicious?  I possess a growing list... Continue

Burgers & Vine: first impressions

On a recent Friday evening, as I approached the Old Creamery building, now the restaurant Burgers & Vine, a big smile spreading... Continue